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Are your business cards On Point?

  • By Kerryn Costello
  • November 4, 2020

Often placed in the backend of your wallet, in your handbag or just in your pocket, the business card is often deemed as a small inconsequential piece of paper that is part of day to day meetings with people.

But business cards have come a long way since they were first used in 17th Century Europe!

Time has eroded much of the etiquette regarding business cards, however did you know that rules still persist? Cards should not be handed out by the left hand, should never be written on and should always be translated to the language of the specific country they are being handed out in on the rear of the card. They should never be carried loose and presented in the best condition.

So… how do your business cards look?

Is it time for a refresh?

Is it time for a restock??

Have you run out of coffee loyalty cards for your customers???

One of the things we love doing at On Point is designing business cards for our clients. There are so many new and creative ways that you can present a business card and we love helping our clients pick the right one and the options are endless!

Do you want a thicker feeling card?

Do you want a gloss or matte finish?

Do you want foil? (I mean who doesn’t love shiny things!)

So many options!

Check out some of the designs below from our clients and get in contact with us to design your next set of business cards. Oh and I forgot to mention – we offer FREE business card design with all business card orders!

Remember, your cards are a reflection of you and your business so make sure they stand up and stand out!

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